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texas senator ted cruise. we have got a job and right now the u.s. senate is the battlefield. they are calling you a gop rock star. i try to pay very little attention to the media. my focus is on trying to make a difference for the principle that is make this country strong. cbn's david brody one on one with texas senator ted cruise. on "the 700 club" wednesday 33 p3 new this orning... more than - a dozen are injured nn two peoole missing, after aa exxlosion sparked a four larm fire in kansas city, missouri. rippinn through jj's restaurant.about 100 firefighters battled thh fire. missouri gas energy believes a 3 gas line uuderground.there's no definite word on when tte 3 a hearing to determine if drew peterson gets a newwtrial resumee ttday.his attorneys says his former representationn failed to properly defend hii judge says he'll go straiggt to sentencing if he rejects the motionnfor rettiallthe 59--ear-old peterson as convicted of killing his third &pwife, kathheen ssavio.he was -3 also suspected in the disappearrnce of his fourth wiie, stace
3 more winter weather.. causing avoc in thh u-s. f weecan expect snow... or & just ore rain thissweeeend. 3 new hope in the fight 3 new drug being rollee out.. and when it will be availaale 3 3 33 3&p3 3 ááaadib over ááadlib over weather shhtáá 3 dattááchht wiih tonyáá &p 3 ,3 the middwst is 3 that system isn't done et. mostly rain... mike ttbii northeast are bracing for a third weekend of snow. snow. 3 a massive wintee sttrm -- moving over the great lakes... after rrcking several statessacrrss tte midwwstt the storm dumped 17 inches of snow in hays, kansas. nd parts of okkahoma, misssuri and nnbraska had more than a foot pf snow. drivers accoss the region -- struggling to control theer vehicles. mos11 sayss "i am very uppettiig... says: "i hink people pnderestimattd the amount of snow we were gonna get. and 3 thoughh they could make it to - work and tt and from work, and that's what happenss" the storr -- forcing airlines to cancel hndreds of fl
hospital ship, the u-s-n-s comfort is emmarkkng today on another humanitarian mission & in south america. 3 jool d. smith isslivv in cannon with deeails on ttaa & trip ann what will happen if ccngress does not come to a compromise before friday. p good morning joel d. 33 3 p3 3 p3 3 eeer wonddr what happens... when you ask your kiddto ake want to? to?ttke a look at this hillrious videe one couple captured... of their toddler son, jude. 3 too muchhfun face-planting pntoohis pilloo- baay onitor 3&pcatchhs the whole thing on camera- as youucan see... nap & time was ánotá 3 a suucess-260-thouuand hits on youtuue coming up... the jackpot keees growinng!- growiiggwe're giving away 300-dollars ánextá... as part of our "freebruarr" contestt & contest.if yyu hhven't going to ffccbook dot coo slash fox baltimoree 3 then listen in or your name... after the break. 3& yyu're watthing 3 fox 45 morning ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪,3 explore the world of your - favorite superhero!the jewish museem of maryland gives you -3 an inside look into comic &pbboos. 3 emily gr
chances of -3 it coming to the u-s. 3& and.. tweee your way to a new career.what you can do on the social etworrkng ite to give yourself a leg up in thh job 3 -33 3 tuesday, februarr 19th 3& -& 3 3 3 & 33 drivers are seeing moreepainn at the pump. 3&pgas costs n average of 3-74 a gallon. thaa's - last week. last month. we áwereá paying 3-66 for a gallon this timeelast yyarr & year. it's hiitinn wallets 3 wwen hooe heating bills are 3 have been it with smaller paycheekk. pxperts ay everything from rising crude oil pricee to production cuts ann refinery closiigs may bb causing his incrrase. 3 those prices crrate a wholl other ppoblem for staae lawmakers... dealing with ways & to ncrease traasportation - rrvenuee hissweek. peek.megan gilliland is live & baatimooe with the ootioos still being considered... and -3 how much it'll ccss you. 33pgood morning guusright now... we're paaing... ?but we could see them go ven highee... s - lawmakerssrev up talk about the gas tax on
kattina... in 2005.sandy was blamee for 72 & deaths in the u-s... and left &phunddrds oo thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. aarlines are getting better at arrives at your destination... -3 whee áyouu do.that's according toothe u-s department of - transportation... whichhsays tte nattoo's airlines repprted their lowest rate of mishaadled baggage in 18 yeaar. & last year... there were a little moreethan 3 reports of mishandlld baggage per 1- -3 thousand passengers last year. &pairllnes also had a neerly 82-percent on-ttme arrivall rate... ith wait times gettinngbetter. 3 burger king is giving he coffee it ells... a makeover. the fast food chain saas ii will dooble the numbee of coffee beverages it sells... to 10.beginning this week... burger king is replacing its & curreet brewed coffee wwth a smoother ssaatle's est bllnd. it also will have a new deeaf and a nne hot chocooate.the patte rolllut begins in march. 3 luxury smart phone company " vertu" ii releasing the "vertu ti"... oo ájustá underr 10-thousand runs on phe android operatin
boost the u-s economm and helppreduce the federaa debt.opponents say it will cauue environmennal damage. 3 a sseel struccure in baltimore more than a ddcade will be demolished,,this morning..n its haa ay---the meevale gas holder located near west cold &&pfalls eepprssway--stooed nnturaa gas.but upgrades tt thhe egional natural gas -3 system have made thee acclity obsolete. -33& amber miller joins us ow livee -3 ffom theeviewing area at the baltimore ploytechnic institutt parking lot. good morning amber. -3 3&pii you'reeheaddng 3&pif you''e heaaing out this way please note there are oad cllsuuessaaruud tte safety perimeter-- inlcudiig the -jones fallssexpressway. & 3 good news...ccarm city.. isn'tt on the llstt listtbut find out the three otherrmajor u-s cities...hat rank on forbes maaazines'... mmst mmserables cities liit for this year. -3 3 you're watching fox 45 morning - news.. all looal.. all - 3 ((bump ouu)) >> they didn't mean you honestly expect her to forgive you? 3&prain storms knocced down trees and cut ff ppwer or arts of the tlanna m
gulf of mexico ffr refining anddprocessing. - peppblicans say the kkestone pprjecttwould boost the u-s eccnomy ann help reduce the & ddmage..-3 airmen wwrr honored this 3 world wwr two. tte men were &pthe first black piloos and 3 military. in california they wereehooooed - with a three miie ssretch of highway ttat's deeicateddto 3 'generatiinnafter generation beeause of the workkttattyou all did and what you get out of hat is a coonnry and we caando things that we couldd havv nnvvr haveedone before.' &//butt to//'theesigns will &pfoo ur ccuntry.''- country.' a world war two era p--1 plane flew -3 pver the ceremony as aa reminder to thh sacrifice thee & airmen made. p don't miis out oo - yyur chhnce to in a free it includes a 2 night stay &pat the couutyard marriot hotel in hunt vvlley, a omantic dinner and hissanddher spa and 3 just a ffe mmnutes we're going - to drrw naae for the lucky winner. 45 mornnng nees.. all llcal... 3& 3 & the votee are in, and it's official...."twilight: - breaking dawn: part 2" is thh -& est of
-aalaki, an amerrcan born cleric who joined al attack ... both were u-s cittzens who had never been innicted or chaged with any crime by the u-s-what should the average american be happen on u-s ssil-doocments - released to congressional intelligence committees ... whht will they do with the information & coming up... a kiosk... that alllws ou to see yourself as a diiferent race. where ou can go to test it out.....and howw youuself as. you're watching e - fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. (((reak 4)) the ravens secret weaponhow a it's oor freeebru-re tonight. ary giveaway! 3 giveaway!every day in february we're giving away 100- dollars an hour. hoor.óóóóóó you have 300 minutes to call us at the &pnumber on your screen. &pscreen.iffyou doo'ttcaal in.. your prize rolls overrinto the next hoor or someooe lse to w! boxx. go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore nd fill out the caa allo go there to read complete conteet baltimore county- hereford zone... harfordd counny and howard couny schools are openingg2 hours lat. cannssgn up to have del
ladiess- ladiesthat is single 3& ladies."it peaked attnumber one on the u-s billboard hoo certified quadruple-platiinm. digital copiis worldwide beccming one of the - time worldwide 3 let's take it backkin time a little bit with "crazy in love". 3 nats crrzy in love love 3 that's thh grammy award - winnnng hit "ccazy in p003... but it is stiil a favorite around here.this is a solo artist in the 3 100 chart for eight consecutive weeksthe rest is -3 hissory... aa a solo artist, beyonce as sold more han 13 states and ovee 75 million records wooldwide, making her &pone of the best-selling mussc --33 prtists of all time 3 beyooce will be at the verizon center in washiigton dc on july 0-th.tickett go n sale through live nation t 10 o- clockkthis morning. 3 we want o get you into tte phhw for nation sent the 10-th calllr riggt now at 410-48114545 winssa pair of ticketss 3 coming up in our 7 3 o'clock hour... 3 keep more moneyyin your wallet. & what you can do ánowá shave dollars off yyur energy &'re watching fox 45 - mo
- accorddng to he u-s-d--a.. tte super bbwl is &ptteesecond-highhst day of food connumption in the u-ss.. after thankssiving- aacording to "7-eleven"... sales of & antacids iicrease 0-pprcent & on the day after the super bbwl 3 ááadlib chat - 7 dayy ,3 forecastáá 3 we have you covered on our website... ll the way leading up to ttnight'ss super &pbowl.head to fox bbltimore dot com and click on the "ray'' last ride" banner at the top -3 of the screen.youull see interviews with the playees... stories on he rrvenn super powl run.. and links to othee super bowl rrlateddsites.yyu can also clickkon "harbaugh vvrsus harbaugh" to ind page deeicated to suuer bowl & has all the information leading up to today's ame... and facts on all 46 past super bbwls.get starttd by going to fox baltimmre dot com. 33 -stay tuned o fox45 news at p0 for all your post-game coverage 3 ((break 8))
and the optimism 3 commercial so we named her &phope." 3 u-s-a today's ad meeer named pthe clydesdale ad... the beet in the super bowl. 3 &&p3 sports fans 3 around the coonrty are talking &paboutthowwbaltimore treets its champions. aanestimated 200 &poverflowee ddwnttwn locations to catchh glimpse offthe ccamps. champs. and a ffnaa ddnce joelld. smithhis live at m&t bank sadium with a rundownnoo the hilights, and also the challengessof hosting a busy eekday. peeeday.(addlib))3 it was tough and roughhinside -hereefor some ans as the gates weee closed, and then pome were cllmbing these ffnnes to still get in. the crowd was massivv. bbt ost fann we're hearing from felt -3 was frre... they had tickett -to this celebrrtion. 2 3 3 p3&pp2 tickets to paradise" the celebration inside actually ,3& filled eaah ann every seat. -thh plan by maay to watch the paradee then mmet uu t thh stadium did not work, because it was packed by the timm theyy &ppot ttere! fann insideedidd ggt to see ray llwis ooe ore & ttie on the field, and he -3 didn't disappoo
innluded stronger bbrderr more than 11-millioo llegal -3 immmgrants in the u-s. 3 coming up... p3 if yyu haven'ttalreaay.... entee our name fr our going to facebook dot com jjckpoo s now up tooá300 olllrrsá dollars.álisten in for yourr -3& chance o wii... less thann20 minutes from now. -3&p3&pyoo're watthing foxx455morning 3 news.. all local...all 3 33&(break 1)))- 3& 3 start your month off -3 pight.....lexinggon market month.eeily gracey is mornnngs homeeown hotspot. - &phow will lexington market cellbrate black history montt? 3&ppistory month?celebrate bback historr month?- what other - events ill youuhave going oo for bback histtry month?- what can you ssow s now? now? black histooyy 3 moonh at leeinnton market runs now througg get a listing of aal the black hiitory month events loggon to morning. 3 3- 3 3 3 coming up... 33 bubbll rap... savvs a man's --3 it keet him... from falling to his dath. 3and the remaans of king pichaad the thhrdd.. are ddscovered after hundrees of years.the surprising pllce... they turned'r
"....known s the deadliist u-s killed saturday at a gun raage in texass & "eddie routh".....the arraigned sunday onnonn count f capital murder and two counts of murder for the deeth of yle and "chad -3 littlefield"....a ellow say routh.....a former maaine from mental illness. 3 theeguantanamo bay prisoner accused of orchestrating thh atttck on the -s-s cole begins his 4-dayypretrial heeaing tooay. theedeffnss is seeking to stop the gooernmeet from restraining the defendant with around the prison. - hearinggafter quustionssraissd 3 eavesdropping on conversations between the defennaat and hhs lawyers. 3 former president piil clinton will honor formee &pnew yorr mayor "ed koch" at his funeral. thee &pservice will began today at 3 the sraeli consul general is also settto sseak....aaong with new york city mayyr michael bloomberg. koch died friday of ongestive heart failuue. he was 88-years-old. 3 p deeense secretary leonn paetta ii expected tt - week. n
was given to merge american airllness.. ith u-s airwwyss ammriccn airllies wiil keee its name... uu will be run byy 3 change could mean fewer seats anddhhgher prices for steve martin willl fiially xperience paaennhood..- the 67-year-old actor is a first tiieedad!peeple magazine reporrs... martin and is wife, 41-year-old anne stringfield welcomed a baby 3 couple managed to keep the birth a secret... until now. - still no ord on hether it's a boy or girl. coming up... 3 a magazine comes under firr... &for controversial new & photoo... of kate miidleton. what they shhw... that has the palace up in arms. "heetold me ttat they had just eaten oniin sandwiihes and they were asking to use the red plastic bags to use the rrstroom in...""-3 nightmare cruise... is clooe - to coming to n end.what passengers will get... once they reech dry laad.yyu're &pwatthing fox 45 morning nnes.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(break 3)) 3& ((buup in)) 3 after 5 days tranded on the water... the carnival triumph will make its way back o land thii ed payne -3 peels
... -he's reportedlyytheeseal who took out osama bin llden, ndd he's now locked in a figgt withhthe u-s military. milittry. 3 natsthey've endured hott cold, and deadly conditions ann & pushed ast unbelievable plvels of pain aanavy ssal would breea his leg nd neverr let you know.soossme former -&pseals llke john mcguuie are &pshhcked to hear one of their own beinggaccused of, well, whining.already immortalized on film, tterr'ssan anonymouu & seal teammsixxmember whh - by -some accouuts - ffred thee 3laden. buu that seal told esquire magaainn the miliiary has abandoned hhm. this shootee served 16 years, weet on hundrrdd of missions and hh pets o pension, zero pension. the commander of all navy -3 quote- "this former seal made a ddliberate ann informed & decisson to leave tte nnvy -3 severallyears short of officiil ssoweddthat memo to cnn, but t was nnver meant for theepublic. the commander senttit to the seal ccmmmnity, & accusations thaa he had arthritii, eyy amaae aad blown discs, buu no health care or pension. the seal commander says he voluntarily lef
on he rise in the u.s., and ii s one of the ttpics we''l taakle at he "bmore hhalthh expoo this sattrday at the convention center center onnegroup you will see there is the kids". and joel d. smith is streeming nnw with them... coopetition can be a part of getting your child more active. good morning joel d. dd &p3 3 the b-more heeltty expo returns to baltimore....saturday, february 23rd. can get ealth screenings... see stages of áliveá entertaanment... a fit expo starts at 10 a-m at the h - &pbaltimore conventiin center. pe'll see you there! p3 the latest internet craze... hits fox44. harlem shake nats (live truck s) ssene)we gave thh harlem shake""oor best hht... and thh resuut is pretty funny. thhs is just a small bit oo what we captuued. captuurd.stay ttned to our 8 o'clock hour.weell air this clip in its wonnt want toommss it! nasa releases new video....of earth last weee. week.what t reveaal aboot its pize... minntts from now. news.. all looal.. all -rning new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. hon
....compared to women..- 3 cooing uu... after more than breaking the record as the loogest-married ccuple in the u-s. -3 u-s."we just fell innlove, that'ssall..." all..."what thhir seccet is... next. you're watching pox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all morninn. 3a connecticut husband and wife the longest married couple in tteeu--. as ali reed & explains... it's a union -3 that's goinn 80-years strong. strong. 3 john and ann betar have been married ffr more than 800 years old can you believe it's been 800 ears? they said t & wouldn't last! (laughs)they tied the noteeonnnovember 25, -3 and haveebeennby each other's side o what's their secret? &&pp00years,,you know it's just -3 contentment. 80 years of &preaaly living. normally. o problem. shh's always neverr wwrked. tookkcaae of her - family. mother. he's always gotthis hand stand p) "thee happy bridggpprt. in fact their houses were the street unionnalmost that's because arranged for her else. that'' phen matters into their own - handssand eloped."we dddn't have any money to go ay furrher. (laughs)grandchild
& avid mattingly alabama. 3& federal health 33 finally easing in the u-s..&p33 the c-d-c reports infllenza activity decreased in many areas f the couutry & last week. 21 tates are reporttng odeeate toohigh pctivity. 13 reported low activity .... and 11 reporting minimaa.. heeflu continueddto hit older people hard with moree phaa half of hospitaaizations involvvng aults over 655 64 children have diid - from the virus this season. experts say it's not too late to get vvccinnted. 33 gas prices aar on the rise.the average price for a gallon of gas naaionwide is 3-71. ttat's -3 up 13 ents ii just the lastt week... and 42 cents in just the last month.herr in less... at --0 a gaalon.thh reason behind the ssrge?thee rising pricc of oil. oil.we're saviiggyou mmney at the find the best gas & prices in your neighborrhod.. go to our website.. foxbaltimore dot ccm and lick on uup patrol. 3 a section oo light street near the inner harbor remains shut down this morning as bridge. they're re
transparency. he &palso allegedly said that he believes his bid will forre the u-s and britain to drop criminal harges against him... unless theyywant to risk diplomatic roo wiih australiaa the u-s epartment of justicc has been - innestigating wikileaks since started postinggclassified documents. facebook is expected to get a & half-billion-dollar refund 3 tax justice says it found in &ppacebook's annual eaarnngs -3 report...and after crunching the numbers... th watchdoo -3 group says social network won't owe any axes on its pne-point-one-biilion dollars &pin profits for 2012.the tax &presearch group says facebook is using sttck options and ooher forms of compensation to investors and employees for the write-off. 3 san francisco 49er fans are still paying up on some lost pets. thii time at the innnr harroor 3 thanks o the ravens super bowllwwn, a group of ccildden ann thhir paaents will be checkinggout riplle's believe it or not forrfrre -3 thii morning. joel d smith is live there now to tell us who's oottng the
about the consulatt attack on benghazi on thhrsday. oor americans ncluding the u-s ambassador to libya were killed in september when armed attackers stormed the compound. 3 twitter is coming forward as tte lattst site to & be hhcked. &p3 the social network ssid in a blog post that bout 250- ttousannd sers accounts wre compromised. the hackerss including user naaes anddemail - is the atest aaainst largee - sites...inccudiig tteenew ork -3 times and wall street journal. p affeeted twitter users will receive an e-mmil instructing them to eset their passwords. 3 - 3 3 flu season may be decliniig in ceetain regions. regions. that's according to thh -d-ccwhich moderate to high flu actiiitt....with the rest of the states experiencing either & low or minimallacttvity. &p but hile the flu seaaon pppears to bb eesing in the sooth, new england and midwest regions of te country....the numberrof cases are rising in the west. forty-five children have died from the flu this se
acting county executive. 3 for womenn.. is the same as it was in 1950... a secreatary. the u.s. census says about pour million wookkrs fell under the categorr of -3& secreearies and dministrative &passistantt between 2006 and 2011.96 perrent of them weee haven't changed much in the last 60 yeers...rouuding out teaahhr, nurrseand nursing - aide. 3 the americaa for a -3 good friday... but wear know it's purplee i know it's purple friday... but wear red for ggod cause.the american & day of reddannette fisher from american heart associition joins us for this &pmornings hooetown otspot. - tell us about the national healthy things can we learn?- &pstart? 3&pnational wear red 3 pastly different and very emotional views on gun control & onncaptial hill.a heated debbteethat many believe ill maae passage of aay gun pontrol leeislation challenging.represennattve 3 wwighhinn--the white ouse and maay democrrts - want to ban assault weapons, limii ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and mandate universal backgrounndchecks... wiil this - the
3 will etermine what kind of - snacks can be sold to students &pin schooll. & 33 he u-s-d-aasays they eepect a proposal byyapril on - the types of food andddrinks that'll be sold outside of traditional cafeteria meals. concerns over hiihh caloried....suuar sweetened productssare top on the liit. once the prooosaa comms there will be a 60-day public comment eriod before the fnal ules are issued. 3 people with 3 tt wait to eat after using insulii. piabetics are sometimes told to wait to let he drug work researchers studiid a - hundred diabetics and found &premaaned steady....whether they left 2 tt 30 minute 3 eating a meal. experts still suggest you talk wwth yoor octor beffre making pny changes. 3 there's morr evidence the job market may be &precovering. &p 155-ttousand jobs strrngest sectors....followed by health ccre and rettil. the epartment of abor says theeu-- economy lost the finnncial crisis. it's still down moreethan three-million jbs
market 3 in thh u-s economy. homeownership is at 15-year lows after the financial crisis of 2000 popped the very iiflated hhusing bubble. & but houses are starting to -3 sell agaan as the real estate -3 recovery picks up somee say nowwis the erfect time to invest in eal estate.hurn - says: "there's a lot of &ppourageous small business ownerr who are ttkkng this downturn as an opportunity, which it is, to buy discountedd pcommerccal real estate." sharessof home building ccmpanies are already seeing &pgood sign that americans are real estate.marchiol ssys: "the general publii is coming around, here's exactly whats &ppappening- forrclossrre are down don't let that fool you. ww're coming out of the mire but we aren't out of the mire all the wwy yet. we have a lot through, especiilly in judicial stttes. but whats happening is organically people are starting to sell." but tte economy is still &pfragilea"a&is anothee housing bubble bound to burst? talked about qqantitative easinn and traditionally he way unliquid assets like houu
of snoo across the - centrrl u-s. missouri's & governor hhs declared a state of emerggncy and fliihtssare being cancclled at airports pcroos the midwest ...leaving -3 some with an unplanned tay. &p3 our llugage is already in nnshville..hahhaa...ttat's - there, but we're notmy biggest conccrn is the woost case - scenario, theee's going to be a major ice storm and lengthy and widesprrad power outagess outagessabout 60 milliin square iles are currently & livinggunder storm watches and 3 two pennsylvaniaa 3 victims of hurricane sanny in aa ifferent waa. phe juniors are coolecting prom ddesses to donaae to high school giils in new ersey. soofar thh irls haae - collected 70 dressss.. they're giving them to the --3 cinddrella's ccoset charity in monmouth coonty ... wwhcc was hii hard by sandy last fall.. 3 - free heallh 3 free health screenings... 3 -3 stages of áliveá & ntertainment... aafft and fun kids zonn... aaddso much more. & ur b-more heaathy expo reeurns tomorrow. tomorrow.but... this morninn... we'reeg
. 59-kids have died his season from the flu.... that's more than 3 áallá offlast yeer. a u-s coast uard ship is exxecced to try ann ttw an gaaveston, texas when the engines caught fire.more than boord..arnival says whhle the ship can't moveeon its shore..sometime a new report the flu pre onnthe nationwide. tte c-ddc sayy reported pideepread ssip is expecced to ry and tow an in tte gulf oo mexico. the carnival cruise was returning to gaavvston, texas when the engines caught firr. says while the ship can'' ove on its board ellctricity to keep comfortable.reach shooe..sometime 3 & enjoy mardi gras...ra- sushi own mardi ra party!scotttng itt bernas is joiiing us for this mornings hometown hotspoo. - tell us about mardi -ra. 3 mardi -ra.-what specials will youuofferr -what ooher theeed food will youuhave? have? ra sushi mardi ra is tuesday february 12th . from 7:00 p.m. &ppore log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. women of the 21st century in g-. g-q..but these pictures... &pcould say otheewise.the camp... that never wantte e's these pictures.. to be seen! seen!"i guess
another nuclear bomb teet.what threat... some ay... it pooese tt the u-s. -3 3 and pope beneditct tte 166h ressgns... leaving many with questions.what weere now learning... about is're watchiin fox 45 morning news.. all -3 3 ((break 66) 3 p3 nee this mornnnn... north koreaahas conducted & its third nnclear bomb test today.... the latest step inn wwapons. officiill say this test wws more poweerul than earlier blasts... but the device was smaller n size anddlighher. experts say the country s faa prom aving a nuclear-armed 3 the u-ss 3 the rrsignatton of pope benedict the 16-th has pump-started an ancient and secreeive process tt replace spokesmannannounced thht there will be a nee pope by easter.... march 31-st. but the 118 members of thh college of cardinals will &pnot meet until tte pope -3& officially steps downnaa the whaa will be missing with this & pope'ssresignation is the period of mournnig and reflection that ttkes lace when a pope ddes. so its unclear whetherrthe cardinals
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